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Awards, Reviews, and Ratings - Take a Hike Software

My web site was featured in Chris Pirillo's e-zine, Lockergnome on June 15, 1998!

Mouse Trap, Real Passwords, and Mr. Internet all received the 5 Gold Disk Award (the highest rating) at Global Shareware!

Mouse Trap was listed as one of the Top Ten Shareware programs in the October 1998 issue of Windows Magazine! Read the Article!

Mouse Trap was given the highest rating of 5 stars at Super Shareware! (site no longer exists)

Rating 5 out of 5 rating

Mouse Trap, Real Passwords, Mr. Internet, and Kill Docs all received a 5 out of 5 rating at BrotherSoft!

Read Article


Close Popup, Mouse Trap, Mr. Internet, Quick Bin, and Kill Docs each received the top rating of 6 duckies from Nonags.


Mr. Notes, Easy Control, FastView32, Time Thingy, Mr. AppLaunch, HLHMCBO?, and YASDSDU each received a rating of 5 duckies from Nonags.

Close Popup was

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