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Close Popup 4.0 - Take a Hike Software

Well, it's been several years now. As far as I am aware Take a Hike Software's Close Popup was the very first popup killer ever! We started it all. We set the standard. haha Anyway, it's really out of date. I've decided to discontinue it. I don't ever plan on updating it. There seems to be an overkill of products that stop popups, so what's the point?

What do I use? Mozilla Firefox. Not only is it an amazing browser, but since I started using it I have NOT seen a SINGLE unwanted popup window. Of course, you may specify which sites to allow, but for everything not in it's allowed list... Nothing! Nada! Zilch! I love it!

Popup windows is only one of the many reasons Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer. If you like Internet Explorer, read that article on why you should dump IE and if you are not convinced, try Firefox anyway. If you're still not convinced, try it again! haha okay okay... if you don't want to switch to Firefox you can just switch to Netscape or the Mozilla suite. <g> Opera, Galeon, and K-Meleon are also good choices. Alright alright, if for some reason you still want to use IE (seriously, you should read that article) there are tons of pop-up killers out there.

By the way, Mozilla Thunderbird is an awesome e-mail client. :-D

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Please note that we do not provide support for Close Popup, even if you own a copy. Sorry, but you'll really be better off with something else.

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