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Misc. Software for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP


Easy Control icon
Easy Control 2.02
Easy Control is a small app that sits in your system tray (by the clock), right click and you're given a menu of the most commonly used Control Panel items. No more opening the Control Panel to look at your System Settings, change your Midi Device, Add/Remove Programs, etc.
How Long Has My Computer Been Running? 2.01
HLHMCBO? (How Long Has My Computer Been On?) is a small program that sits in your system tray (by the clock). HLHMCBO? times how long it's been open and can optionally log how long you've had HLHMCBO? open. Put HLHMCBO? in your startup folder to find out how long your computer has been on.
Mr. App Launch icon
Mr. App Launch 1.0
Mr. AppLaunch is a small app that sits in your system tray (by the Clock) and allows you to launch your 10 favorite applications. Mr. AppLaunch can also launch multiple items at once.
Mr. Notes icon
Mr. Notes 4.0
Mr. Notes is a free system tray-based note taking software solution. Click on its icon any time you need to jot something down. It remembers its settings and contents from session to session. You can print, insert rich text and plain text files, and use bullets. Other features include the ability to insert images, manually paste in MIDI and .wav files, shortcuts to applications and other file formats; exporting of text as plain or rich text; insertion of the date and time; and changing the font size with keystrokes. Options let you set font and colors, set a window size, and minimize the program on startup.
Time Thingy icon
Time Thingy 1.62
Do you wish you could free up more taskbar space? Or maybe you wish you could easily see what the time and date are with your task bar on Auto Hide? Time Thingy does both! Time Thingy is a floating clock replacement designed to free up valuable taskbar space by allowing the user to remove the Microsoft clock and still be able to see the time! Time Thingy can be positioned anywhere on your screen (floats), and remains always on top making it a very easy clock replacement! With Time Thingy running you can see the time and/or the date even if your taskbar is on auto hide!
YASDSDU (Yet Another Stupid Dumb Shut Down Utility) sits in your system tray. It lets you shut down your computer, reboot, MS-DOS mode, log on as a different user... Command line parameters are supported as well.
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